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The Hybrid Enemy is both satisfyingly complex and hard to put down or predict…Richard D. Ross unfolds a vivid story of espionage and intrigue… A thoroughly engrossing read.

The Hybrid Enemy is the first book in a James Macrae thriller series. It opens in 1980 with the meeting of two strangers on a lonely trail who are not lost, but prefer the back roads of quiet to hiking the well-beaten, people-laden paths of nature.

James and Sarah meet in Snowdonia National Park in Wales, where she learns that he is the fourth generation in an established international shipping business, destined to take the reins of corporate control from his ailing father.

 Fast forward to 1994, where James faces a series of threats to the family legacy that personally draw him into an investigative trail of crumbs. These lead him to some dangerous truths that could undermine everything he’s worked for and dreamed of. As he faces stevedore revolts, espionage, and subterfuge that strike at the heart of his company and life, James is forced to plan responses that lead him ever further from his love, Sarah, and his family.

 Richard D. Ross unfolds a vivid story of espionage and intrigue which remains as firmly rooted in interpersonal relationships as it is in a power play that draws James into new roles and situations he can barely navigate.

 The love between Sarah and James remains his rock, as steady as the progressive onslaughts to his psyche and financial pursuits.

 As Sarah is drawn into events to confront Jack Carter and Hugh Stanfield, owner and CEO of Euro-Asian Freight Services, intrigue and business perspectives evolve and meld in unexpected ways as James probes the roots of the conspiracy and the possible involvement of forces he’d never imagined could impact his life.

 Ross’s mix of business and international espionage subjects, combined with the personal evolution of James and Sarah’s family and the complexities of their relationships, makes for a thoroughly engrossing read that holds the opportunity for business fiction readers to be introduced to a thriller format they may not have previously appreciated.

 Libraries and readers interested in the captivating blend of relationship evolution, business savvy, and international forces at play on a field of special interests will find The Hybrid Enemy both satisfyingly complex and hard to put down or predict.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

Worth Reading

A thrilling sequel in the series where old enemies are back and James must outwit them to protect his business and his family.
James Macrae and his new business partner are beginning to see the success of his family’s international shipping business. But his old enemies are not done with him. Sabotage and industrial espionage follow and threaten their business and the family. He has to take matters into his own hands to protect everyone again before it is too late.

I enjoyed the plot. People trying to live their lives but are constantly being hunted was thrilling. The details that were explained of the business was new to me that I enjoyed immensely. There were multiple events happening simultaneously and the author brought them all together very well. James and his new business partner bringing the business up together while their enemies try to destroy it, his old enemies escaping from prison with new business ideas and revenge on James, James’ family trying to move past the events of the previous year were interesting and thrilling to witness.

James’ family trying to live a normal life after everything was endearing. Their family moments in the story made it feel heartwarming and wholesome. Their relationship dynamic became my favorite. The business partnership was wonderfully written as well. We could see them complimenting the others’ behavior and we could see them working together well. (I mention this since the enemies try to cause a rift in the partnership, and it felt like a dumb move from the beginning to me.)

I love reading books with the espionage component since they are fun. Seeing the two sides try to undermine each other from within is such a thrill for me. So, I enjoyed that component. It was more thrilling when the author brought in an unexpected twist there too!!

The fight to survival at the second half of the story picked up speed and made the book more enjoyable. There were some heartbreaking moments that helped strengthen the characters’ resolve and the plot. I loved the shrewd way James fought back against his competition and the way he refused to back down was endearing.

Definitely looking forward to the future works of the author!

ARC Reader Review

Awesome book!

Fun and thrilling book to read. Hopefully they make a movie out of it.

Amazon Reviewer

Great thriller about an industry I know very little about

Loved the book. Great plot, it keeps you intrigued. Didn’t want it to end. Can’t wait for book number 2.
This book provides the script for a great movie.

Amazon Reviewer

Loved the book !!

I loved the book, great suspense and loved the writer’s style !!

Amazon Reviewer

Couldn’t put it down!

A great thriller and a nice change from the typical books of late.
Looking forward to the next James Macrae thriller!!

Amazon Reviewer

Thriller about the shipping industry

Richard Ross clearly understands the shipping industry and has written an interesting and exciting thriller!

Amazon Reviewer

James Macrae – passionate CEO fighting for survival in the shipping industry; great read!

This book is hard to put down; a thrilling look at the shipping industry. Once I started reading, I was caught up and could not put it down. Richard Ross weaves a great web of intrigue.

Amazon Reviewer

A Terrific Book

I’ve known Richard for 30 years and I love the way he draws on his business experiences, his hometown and knowledge of other places he has lived like Saudi Arabia to combine it all into a fabulous novel. This book kept me agog from start to finish, the bad of this, is I read it in 2 days, as I couldn’t put it down. I think Richard has a very distinct and distinguishable style of writing that is different from any other and I can’t wait for Book 2 and I hope he is busy working on Book 3.

Amazon Reviewer

Hooked by chapter 3!

A fabulous “who-done-it” read that kept me engaged and wanting more!
I was captivated by the character’s determination to lead his family’s shipping company through treacherous waters. The author gently provides context to some of the complexities of the industry so it was easy to follow!

Amazon Reviewer

Eye Opening Fiction!

I received a copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway.
The Hybrid Enemy shows that business is not going as usual in the world of global shipping, especially for the Macrae company. Sabotage, corporate espionage, and even murder are happening and nothing seems to be done – until James Macrae steps up.
This is a fast moving story with several subplots, and I enjoyed reading it immensely. It has the flair of early Tom Clancy novels without the never-ending technical details, and without the weight of so many pages. This is a novel all should read and consider, especially in light of current affairs in our world. Having lived and traveled in many of the countries mentioned in the novel, I was pleased to read the spot on descriptions of people, places and customs. Ross also gives an introduction into the global transportation industry- something we should all learn more about due to the supply problems caused by COVID 19.

Amazon Reviewer

Couldn’t put it down!

Once I started “The Hybrid Enemy” I was unable to put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Great writing and storyline. I look forward to the next thriller by Richard Ross.
Update: After I finished the book, I recommend it to my wife. She doesn’t usually read mysteries, but she thoroughly enjoyed this one! She was totally absorbed in the story and characters all the way through. Now we are both eagerly anticipating the next book!

Amazon Reviewer

Such a fun read!

I found this book to be a thrilling break from my day to day. Wonderfully written, loved the characters and the storyline. Can wait for his next book!


A great page turner!

Richard D Ross’s style makes for compelling reading. He engages the reader with excellent detail. Well researched. Thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. Bring on book two!

Amazon Reviewer

My new favorite series…can’t wait for book 2!

This book was recommended by a friend, and Richard D. Ross is my new favorite author. I normally don’t read fiction, but I just could not put this book down. The character development got me hooked and really invested in the story. The plot is great with constant twists and turns, I just couldn’t stop reading. Great writing, great story, awesome ending…I was actually a little sad once I finished it because I didn’t want it to end. Can’t wait for book 2. Highly recommended!

Amazon Reviewer

ARC Reader Review

Ross is up there with Jack Higgins and Louise Penny.

ARC Reader Review