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Resentment and Remembrance

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer- Midwest Book Reviews

Resentment and Remembrance is a novella embracing themes of resentment and love when the paths of two disparate characters cross and clash.

Ted Bolton is an old man with a wicked sense of wry humor. The starkness of his vision as he confronts old age, alienation, and end-of-life challenges is portrayed with a razor-sharp edge of irony and inspection that will attract readers with deliberately candid presentations:

“Ted huffed and pulled the bed sheets further up to his chest. It wasn’t fair. He’d struggled all his life. He knew what it was like to be hungry and poor. Dammit, he’d even fought a war for these kids who didn’t appreciate what it was like. These damn young people with their cell phones, computers, earrings, tattoos all over their bodies and stupid girly fashions. Mass marketing victims, that’s what they were! Where was the respect? Had it all vanished into thin air? It seemed anyone elderly or in authority was a fair target for abuse and that even included teachers, police, and health care workers. He coughed, wheezed loudly, and dozed off into another world.”

As Ted dozes through memories that lead him to review his life, a chance encounter with a member of the younger generation tackles the bitterness and reflective angst that seem to permeate these final days of his life, injecting them with a sense of love he’d long felt was absent.

As readers learn of the reasons for Ted’s ‘monumental struggles with living’ and absorb the healing lessons of a love which emerges from a completely unexpected place at the end of life, a winning story emerges which is touching, compelling, realistic, and holds many thought-provoking lessons about life connections and disparate personalities.

Libraries and readers seeking high-impact novellas which grasp attention and move mind and heart will find Resentment and Remembrance a satisfying contrast in life perspectives. It will resonate with readers interested in understanding pathways to more meaningful, purposeful living and life influences.”

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer- Midwest Book Reviews

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