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The Hybrid Enemy


Following a series of mysterious accidents at the international terminals of Macrae Shipping Company, James Macrae must uncover the nefarious adversary intent on destroying his family’s legacy.

After becoming CEO of his family’s shipping company, James never suspected that he would become a victim of international espionage that would threaten both his company and those he loves. When James discovers that the incidents are acts of sabotage, he must act quickly to unmask the hidden enemy working in the shadows.

Journeying across Europe and the Middle East, James follows the trail of clues as he begins to question whether these incidents could be linked to one of his company’s competitors, a company rumored to be caught up in international arms smuggling.

But as he peels back the layers of this conspiracy, James begins to realize that this may reach beyond mere business rivalry. And as he finds himself and his family in the crosshairs, James must race against time to discover the truth before he loses everything that he holds dear.

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