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Eye Of The Hybrid Storm


James Macrae – CEO of his family’s international shipping business, loving father and husband – is about to launch a new company venture. As he and his new business partner cut the ribbon, he is yet to realize that enemies of old are still out there. Watching. Waiting.

Sabotage and industrial espionage soon threaten not only the very existence of his company, but his family – once again. He has to take matters into his own hands to find his hidden enemy before it is too late.

James’s deadly pursuit takes him across several continents, to uncover the secret agenda of a rising global superpower. A fast-paced story of adversity, conspiracy and betrayal.

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A thrilling sequel in the series where old enemies are back and James must outwit them to protect his business and his family.
James Macrae and his new business partner are beginning to see the success of his family’s international shipping business. But his old enemies are not done with him. Sabotage and industrial espionage follow and threaten their business and the family. He has to take matters into his own hands to protect everyone again before it is too late.

I enjoyed the plot. People trying to live their lives but are constantly being hunted was thrilling. The details that were explained of the business was new to me that I enjoyed immensely. There were multiple events happening simultaneously and the author brought them all together very well. James and his new business partner bringing the business up together while their enemies try to destroy it, his old enemies escaping from prison with new business ideas and revenge on James, James’ family trying to move past the events of the previous year were interesting and thrilling to witness.

James’ family trying to live a normal life after everything was endearing. Their family moments in the story made it feel heartwarming and wholesome. Their relationship dynamic became my favorite. The business partnership was wonderfully written as well. We could see them complimenting the others’ behavior and we could see them working together well. (I mention this since the enemies try to cause a rift in the partnership, and it felt like a dumb move from the beginning to me.)

I love reading books with the espionage component since they are fun. Seeing the two sides try to undermine each other from within is such a thrill for me. So, I enjoyed that component. It was more thrilling when the author brought in an unexpected twist there too!!

The fight to survival at the second half of the story picked up speed and made the book more enjoyable. There were some heartbreaking moments that helped strengthen the characters’ resolve and the plot. I loved the shrewd way James fought back against his competition and the way he refused to back down was endearing.

Definitely looking forward to the future works of the author!

ARC Reader Review
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